Pre-Purchase Residential Building Inspections

Pre-Purchase Residential Building Inspections

Purchasing a new property can be a daunting task, particularly given the unknowns with regard to build quality. At Construct Consult Australia we look to adopt a collaborative approach with buyers so that they gain the best possible understanding with regard to the quality of a pending property purchase. We encourage potential buyers to attend inspections with us so that they can ask questions and we can personally address any concerns they may have in person on site. We provide a detailed report with complete photographic log of the property as found at the time of inspection, identifying major, minor or other defects as found, as well as providing advice on other items which may be in need of attention.

corporate inspections

Body Corporate Building Inspections

Maintaining the Common Property of Strata Title developments and or getting builders back to repair works, can be a problematic experience. Particularly when areas are in need of repair and reports are required to be prepared for (i) Owner’s review who may not necessarily live at the development or (ii) Builders who may have little interest in returning to repair work that is defective.

At Construct Consult Australia we are your Boots on the Ground construction industry partner, ready and waiting to provide,

  • Reporting in a common sense and practical manner for distribution to Property Owners
  • Support, reporting and advice that can be issued to builders and regulatory bodies in order to get licensed individuals to attend to defective work.
Hand Over Building Inspections

Hand Over Building Inspections

Engaging a builder to build a new property is an exciting and life changing event for most. However poor build quality can lead to long and tedious arguments and in some cases protracted legal cases in order to have defective works adequately repaired and or made safe in some circumstances.

The best way to de-risk this critical period and avoid issues before moving in is to engage a Construction Industry Professional to attend your property and act on your behalf prior to final payment being made to the builder.

A Hand Over Inspection Report with photo log identifies defective workmanship in need of rectification should it be found, providing clear and concise direction to your builder in accordance with standing legislation to attend and repair defects.

Building & Construction Consultation

Building & Construction Consultation

Having the right team working together at the right time in a coordinated manner is a cornerstone of a successful Construction Project. Construct Consult Australia have a proven track record of coordinating different stakeholders involved in the construction process to achieve the best possible results and desired outcomes. If you are looking for a boots on the ground Industry Professional to act on your behalf,

  • Improving the quality of a handed over project.
  • Coordinate a new build and negotiate the Design Coordination and Approvals process.
  • To pull together a consult team to manage your build.
  • As a Project Management partner to manage your interests Pre, During and Post Construction of a new development.